Shri Malu Cement Spun Pipe Works

Shri Malu Cement Spun Pipe Works, Gulbarga is the Flag ship company of the group and more specifically known by its Brand “Malupipes” in state of Karnataka.

We are a dedicated company with 40 years of experience in the field of casting high quality RCC Spun Pipes with Centrifugal Spinning Process of manufacturing. It has been a long journey for the company to establish itself in the industry, from a small start-up player to a recognized quality supplier, preferred & sort after by government agencies & road contractors for the projects in Northern Karnataka.

Reinforced cement concrete (R. C. C.) pipes popularly known as "Hume pipes" was discovered by "Sir Waltes Hume at Australia. These pipes are produced by Centrifugal spinning process. The Hume pipes were introduced in India with the help of 'Abet brothers' by the name "The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd." As early as 1926. Today there are many private factories in all areas, One of such factory is our malu Pipes, started in 1969 under small scale Industries registered under DIC,Gulbarga.

Shri Malu Cement Spun Pipe Works has one of the best infrastructures to manufacture high quality RCC spun pipes and other allied products. We manufacture Precast Concrete Pipes of NP2, NP3, NP4, classes from 300mm dia. to 1800mm dia. with lengths 2.5 meters as per IS 458./2003 and associated products as Septic Tanks, Water Tanks and Fencing Poles.

Classification of Pipes

Class Description Conditions where normally used
NP1 Unreinforced concrete non-pressure pipes. For drainage and irrigation use, above ground or in shallow trencehes.
NP2 Reinforced concrete, light duty, non-pressure pipes. For drainages and irrigation use, for culverts carrying medium traffic.
NP3 Reinforced concrete, medium duty, non pressure pipes. For drainages and irrigation use for culverts carrying medium traffic.
NP4 Reinforced concrete, heavy duty, non-pressure pipes. For drainage and irrigation use, for culvert carrying heavy traffic, such as railway loading.

Quality Control

The cured pipes are randomly selected and tested on the Testing machines. The pipes undergo the following tests in accordance with IS 3597 .The pipes are manufactured as per IS 458-2003 and guidance regarding laying of concrete pipe is given in IS 783-1985. Each pipe is guaranteed for quality which is ensured by the well equipped testing facilities inside the factory premises.

Apart from the above stringent quality control measures, we do the following tests-prior to dispatch.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test This test is conducted by applying water pressure from a pump to the pipe covered on all sides to find how much pressure the pipe withstands before it leaks. The pipe quality is approved if the tested pressure is compatible with the ISI specifications.

Hydrostatic Pressure Test

Three Edge Load Bearing Test This external load test is done to ensure the structural stability of the pipe. The Design and Ultimate Loads are applied externally and checked for visible cracks through three edged wooden blocks by Hydraulic jacks.

Three Edge Bearing Test

Permeability Test The permeability test when conducted in accordance with the method described in IS 3597 shall meet the requirement of final permeability, which shall not exceed 0.3 cubic cm.

Products & Specifications

Dia MM Length Meter NP2 NP3 NP4
Wall Thickness MM Weight Kgs. Per Pipe Wall Thickness MM Weight Kgs. Per Pipe Wall Thickness MM Weight Kgs. Per Pipe
300 2.5 Mtr 32 137 40 180 - -
450 2.5 Mtr 35 298 75 600 - -
600 2.5 Mtr 45 500 85 925 85 925
900 2.5 Mtr 55 934 100 1697 100 1697
1000 2.5 Mtr 60 1130 115 2167 115 2167
1200 2.5 Mtr 70 1584 120 2712 120 2712
1800 2.5 Mtr 90 3600 150 5086 150 5086

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing of RCC pipes involves a series of steps to be followed in a sequential manner as stated below:

  • Storage of Raw Material
  • Preparing Reinforcement Cage
  • Assembling of Moulds
  • Mixing of Concrete
  • Spinning of Mould & Demoulding
  • Curing & Staking of Finished Pipe
  • Random Tests of Pipes & Dispatch

Valuable Customers

Our Privileged Clients include

  • Government agencies in Karnataka
  • PWD & Irrigation Department - KRDCL Gulbarga - Karnataka
  • Railways and Karnataka land Army
  • Rajashree Cement, Malkhed
  • ACC Ltd., Wadi
  • Chettinad Cement

Contractors Associated with National & State Highway projects.

  • Sadbhav Engineering, Mumbai
  • Hindustan Constructions, Mumbai
  • GVR Infra Projects Limited, Hyderabad
  • RMN Construction Co., Ltd, Hyderabad
  • KVC Construction, Hyderabad
  • Ramkrishna Construction, Hyderabad
  • Satish Constructions, Solapur
  • Patil & Co., Solapur
  • Vijay Baalaji Construction, Hyderabad
  • RN Nayak and Co., Hubli
  • And Many more private Road and Railway Contractors