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MALU GROUP - A Family Business that has worked relentlessly for 4 decades to build infrastructure industries since 1969. Malugroup began its journey from rag to riches is a living success story. The group has a blend of Traditional and Modern outlook as it consists of Matured minds of Business and Young Dynamic blood.

Malugroup established from Gulbarga, a historic town in the state of Karnataka by manufacturing AC Pipes and Fabrication, from then on the Group activities were diversified by various innovative activities with Operations in Bangalore, Belgaum, Gulbarga and Mysore.

Today its manufactured products include Railway Concrete Sleepers, RCC/PCC/PSC Transmission line poles, RCC Spun pipes, Designer Interlocking Pavers and Tiles, Real Estate and Construction. The group has today emerged as a highly successful and progressive family business with a responsible nay and enviable track record.

Malu Pipes Gulbarga - is consistently growing under the able leadership of Shri Jugalkishore Malu.